Fall / Winter / Spring Schedule

ecause things slow down in the fall and winter, we will be operating at a reduced schedule.

(If closed, and your in need of something, an email or phone call in advance and we might be able to make an arrangement to be available to help you out.)

Note:  If you have a large order to place come spring, please let us know 2-4 weeks in advance.  We can have items shipped in usually in a week, but an earlier heads up will help to make sure your items are here and avilable. And provides additional time if obtaining items becomes an issue.


Mar. 1 - Mar. 31

- Open every second weekend

- Dates we are open are Mar. 9-10, Mar. 23-24

  • Hours are Sat. 9-6pm and Sun. 9-12pm
  • Easter weekend Sat. 9-6pm, Sun. 9-6pm and Mon 9-12


Apr. 6 - Sept. 31

  • Back to regular hours
  • Hours are Fri. 5-9pm, Sat. 9-6pm and Sun 9-3pm


Oct. 1 - Oct. 31

  • Oct. 5-8 (Thanksgiving weekend) - Fri. 5-9pm, Sat & Sun 9-6pm, Mon. 9-12pm
  • Oct. 19-21 - Fri. 5-9pm, Sat. 9-6pm, Sun. 9-12pm
  • (Thanksgiving weekend, we may be away for a family dinner so plan your visits earlier in the day.)


Nov. 1 - Feb. 28

  • I will be up sometime in November to do our oxalic acid treatments and installing winter wraps but I don't know when.  It will be on a weekend that we are hitting consistant day temperatures of 5C.  If you have something to order and it's ordered before this weekend that I am here, I will be able to pack it up and get it to you.  Otherwise it will have to be shipped.  So make sure to order in advance.
  • We will be closed but still taking online orders and shipped usually the next day directly from our supplier.  *Be sure to select Fedex shipping during this period.



*** Online Orders ***

Any online orders placed through the winter, will be shipped as soon as possible.

We have made arrangements with our supplier who will quickly ship out any orders we receive and forward to them for immediate delivery.  Orders are usually shipped out the next day after you place your order.

NOTE:  This is only for orders that have paid for shipping.


Please note that we also have bees to work with.  In April and May, we will likely be working with the bees closer to noon once it warms up,  June - Aug. we are more likely to be out working with the bees earlier in the morning while it's still cool.  Sept and Oct. we would likely be working with the bees later in the morning once it warms up.  So we ask you try to plan your visits early morning or late afternoon in spring and fall, and noonish or later during the summer.