We no longer ship queens.


Our queens come from suppliers who import and breed them.

So we do our best to fill your orders in a timely fashion, but please be aware, sometimes we require a weeks notice.

We lost our supplier of imported queens in the Ottawa area, so we now are having our queens shipped from southern Ontario.  Because shipping queens can be pricey, we are going to try and coordinate ordering to maximize our order to save on shipping.  So queens may take 5-14 days to receive them once you place your order.  It's best if we order a minimum of 40 at a time, but I know in our area, that's not always that easy to do.


Types of Available Queens

Imported - imported queens can be ordered from April to July.  We order directly from a importer, so orders should be placed and filled about a week later.

Ontario/Quebec - these queens are produced in Canada and can be ordered from July to August.  Availability can vary depending many conditions in the breeders areas. (eg. weather, temperatures, etc)  We try to order from breeders, but if we are unable to get them, we then have to revert to imported queens to fill the order.

Local - available from July to September, but availability can vary as mentioned above. We provide you a list of local breeders that you can contact directly and pickup your queens yourself.  At times you might find that breeders run a waiting list and you might have to wait till the next batch of mated queens are available.


About The Queens

- Imported queens come from places like California, Hawaii, Chile, & Australia. Availabilty varies each year depending on what suppliers decide to import.

- Our Ontario/Quebec queens for the most part are Italian and Buckfast and the odd Carnolian.  (And mixed open bred)



- We ask that you place your orders by Sunday night so that we can get our order in late Sunday night.  Because our queens are shipped from southern Ontario, we hope to receive the queens later that week, but at times we might take 5-14 days to receive them.  So please plan ahead and leave enough time for them to arrive.



- Note that we don't make much on queens, so we do not offer free local delivery for queens. We will have to make arrangements for you to pick your queens up.

- We are no longer shipping queens as the price for shipping is to unpredictable and for the little we make on them, we waste to much time making arrangements for what it is worth.