Each winter and spring, we will be taking pre-orders for nucs.  Early nucs are made up with our bees/brood and an imported queen.  Before nucs are delivered, they are monitored to see for the acceptance of the queen and quality of the population growth.

We now provide nucs in Ontario, and a small amount in Quebec and are made up for the most part from our yards.  We hope that we can fill all the nucs ordered, but we just never know how winter will treat us.

We will attempted to make as many as possible to fill all the orders, but if we can't, we will fully refund any orders we unhappily can't supply


We attempt to make nucs to the end of June and they do sell fast, so make sure to order early.  Nucs MUST be pre-paid and there is NO CANCELATION OR REFUND.


Nucs will not be available for shipping as it is too much of a hassle to properly package securely for shipping by couriers.  You will be notified when and where you will have to come to pick up your nuc.  

You will be notified 1-2 days in advance when your nuc is ready so make sure to check your text messages, emails or phone messages if we can't get hold of you.

If we don't hear back within a day or two, we will continue to the next people in the list and get back to you once we hear from you.


If you have any other questions regarding nucs, please send us an email at