Q.  What if I want to order more than is available in stock?

A.  Contact us through the "Contact Us" page or email us at sales@valleybeekeeping.com, and we can create an order for you where you can take the available stock, and we will back-order the remaining missing quantity and let you know when it arrives.


Q.  What if something I am looking for isn't available in the store?

A.  Please let us know what your looking for through the "Contact Us" page or email us at sales@valleybeekeeping.com, and we can do our best to get your item into stock as quick as possible.  If your looking for something, more than likely, so is someone else.


Q.  Are items exactly as shown in the pictures?

A.  No.  Items may be very close or may vary somewhat in look or design.  We attempt to show a close resemblance of each item, but at times different suppliers have slightly different items so you might notice differences in the image and the actual item.


Q.  Do you offer cash back on returns or exchanges which result in credits?

A.  We do not offer cash back or credits to credit/debit cards on returns you purchased in error.  For defective items we do a one for one exchange.  For a size exchange where a credit is involved, account credit is applied.  We are required to pay processing fees for most transactions, so to minimize our fees, we provide customer credits on your online website accounts whenever possible so you can apply the credit to future purchases.

Q:  What is an affiliate and how does it work?

A:  We have an affiliate system that once you sign up, you are provided an affiliate link to share on social pages, emails or just to send out to friends.  We offer a 5% affiliate commision on all sales made using your specific affiliate link.  So basically you make money when you refer people to our website to make a purchase.