• Ottawa Valley Beekeepers Meadow Mix (4lb Bag) ($5.00 from every sale goes to the TTP)
30% Yellow Blossom Sweet Clover
10% Phacelia
10% Crimson Clover
10% Coated White Clover
10% Coated Birdsfoot Trefoil
10% Sainfoin
5% Coated Single Cut Red Clover
5% Coated Double Cut Red Clover
5% Coated Alfalfa
5% Coated Chicory
I have been looking  at a lot of pollinator mixes that are out & around however many of them aren’t well suited to Upper Ottawa Valley winters. Some even have invasive weeds, or species that are not easy to establish. 
A good pollinator mix is one that is acclimated to the area, offers a wide nectar flow timeline, especially during periods of dearth (low nectar flow) & has a variety of flower shapes in order to feed both our non-native honeybees as well as our native pollinators.
This ‘Ottawa Valley Beekeepers Meadow Mix’ is designed specifically for field edges, buffer strips or any other areas that would benefit from adding to the seed bank.  Some of the positive side effects of mixes like this are improved soil health and better bank stabilization which helps contribute to better water quality as well.
This is the first version of this mix, it will keep evolving & I welcome feedback & suggestions. 
The proceeds of this mix will be donated to the Tech Transfer Team, the provincial organization based out of the University of Guelph that conducts vital research on bee health and management as well as being the lead educator in the province for progressive beekeeping.
The Ottawa Valley Beekeepers Meadow Mix comes in 2 sizes, both are priced so that $5 from each sale goes to the Tech Transfer Team.
1. 500 g seed in a plastic honey skep that also doubles as a seed spreader will be sold for $15.
2. 4 lb seed in a plastic bag. This will overseed a full acre & will be sold for $30.
3. For volumes of 5 lbs or more (special order), the price is $6.00/lb which includes a $1.00/lb donation to the Tech Transfer Team.
If people are looking to order more you are welcome to give them my email address: bonnecherehaven@gmail.com & we can arrange for them to pick up the seed. 
Thanks for helping spread the word.
Jennifer Doelman 
New-bee & Certified Crop Advisor (Ontario)

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Ottawa Valley Beekeepers Meadow Mix (4lb Bag) ($5.00 from every sale goes to the TTP)

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