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As of December 1, 2018, a new regulation has been enforced by Health Canada, requiring beekeepers to obtain a veterinarian’s prescription for bee antibiotics. 

Steps to obtain AFB treatments:

  1. Download the VPCR Form (here), fill it out and drop off or email to one of the local vets listed below.  (Only needs to be submitted once to develop the relationship)
  2. Download the appropriate prescription request form from the vet listed below, fill it out and drop off or email to that vet.  (Medications may be ready same day or up to two days depending on availability of stock) (Needs to be submitted for each appliaction. If you treat spring and fall, you would submit twice a year)

Current Local Upper Ottawa Valley Vets:


Dr. Jon Waito, 23 MacFarlane Rd, Cobden, ON K0J 1KO

(613) 646-2345 – cobdenanimalcentre@gmail.com

Cobden prescription request from (here).

Fees:  No yearly fee. Cost of meds and a small dispensing fee.





American Foulbrood (AFB) (Paenibacillus larvae)

Control measure: This is a serious, readily transmissible disease. Be aware of the symptoms for this disease. Action should be taken immediately after AFB is found to prevent further spread of the disease (see below). There is no cure for AFB. However, several preventative actions can be taken.

Spring and Fall

Treatment Material: OXYSOL-62.5 powdered sugar mix. Follow the label directions for preparation of material.

Label must indicate that the mixture can be used for honey bees.

Method of Treatment: Treat according to the label on OXYSOL-62.5 with the powdered sugar mix along the margins of the brood chamber. Be careful not to put powdered mix directly on to open brood. Repeat 3 times at 4-5 day intervals in the spring and in the fall. Stop treating 4 weeks before the main honey flow.


Preventative Measure: All bee colonies should be treated.

Other methods of application are not to be used, such as sugar syrup method or products such as pollen substitutes as carriers, as this can contaminate honey, is less effective and will promote resistant AFB strains.

Note: Oxytetracycline is the only antibiotic that is registered for use on AFB in honey bees.

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